What is Ketchup Packets?

Ok wsup world! It's the one and only Sleaze here to drop a jewel on all ya'll. I want to formally introduce this whole "Ketchup Packets" idea. Those that really know me, know that I like two things....making beats and writing rhymes. And I ain't just a part-time producer. This is my life! Nothing pleases me more than listening to old records, you know that ole' soulful shit, and attempting to recreate that vibe with a Sleaze twist.

But this creates a problem.... I have entirely tooooooo many beats!!! They cluttering up my mainframe so I decided to give some of them away. Free of charge at that!!!

So this gave me a cool idea, that sparked some convo with the lady ninja.Ketchup Packets was born. Hold up, wait? Why the fuck is it called Ketchup Packets?!?!

You know how when you go to Mickey D's and Susie Whothunkit dumps two handfuls of ketchup packets on top of your dollar fries and double cheeseburger(No pickles, no onions, please.)? Who the fuck needs that much tomato sauce for such small portions?! That's the same idea behind this free beat-mix. Who the hell needs over 500 beats that aren't being rapped on? Not me! So I wanna do something cool. Something unique. Something remarkable.

Here's the gist of it. This project is a 16-track beat-mix directed mainly at starving emcees and DJs who need quality instrumentals at an extremely low price(free!).I'm giving these joints away for emcees to use on mixtapes, to write to or just pop in the deck to just vibe with. DJs can use the beats for radio drops or to keep the crowd hype during sets! This is a really diverse set of instrumentals. But it gets better. This is a hand selected, personally crafted mix of instrumentals chronicling my journey through production techniques. It shows my growth, dedication, individuality, personality, musical tastes and so much more.

Like most of my peers, I'm a sample junkie! Say what you want but that is the cornerstone of hip-hop music, creative sample usage. Some of the artists featured in this set are No doubt, The Doors, Teddy Pendergrass, Lou Rawls, The O'Jays, Amerie, The Notorious B.I.G. and many, many more! Genres include hip-hop, rock, r&b, pop, soul and jazz. This project is a smooth and comprehensive blend of all these influences. All beats were produced using the FL Studio 8 program on a Dell and a Gateway PC.

This is definitely something I'm standing behind. I hope some more of ya'll can stand behind me as well. So I hope you enjoy! The download will be up by the end of the week, so get it while it's hot(which is ALWAYS)! I love ya'll!


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