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Mom's Spaghetti Incident is here. I been yapping about this thing like all year and it's finally complete. I would tell y'all that I worked my ass off on this project but that isn't relevant. It is a labor of love. So please enjoy. And before all things, keep snacking. Please, Ketchup!

Mom's Spaghetti Incident
is a mashup project combining the raw-yet-humorous lyrics of Eminem with the powerful hard-rock of Guns N' Roses. I always wanted to remix Eminem, who is an excellent wordsmith. I just felt like the hardcore sound of Axl Rose & Co. best suited the sound I was going for. Most of the lyrics are direct samples from Guns N' Roses' final album containing the full original lineup, The Spaghetti Incident?. The rest of the samples come from GNR's breakout album Appetite For Destruction.


Lose Your Fun
Since I Don't Give A Fuck
Human Business
New Ass Like That
Welcome 2 Stan
Sing Sweet Child
Power Soldiers
My Clean Gun Closet
Mr. Anything Shady
Paradise Gone

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Eminem X Guns N' Roses X Sleaze - Mom's Spaghetti Incident

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