Music: Sleaze - Summer Fresh

This is a joyous moment for me. I just dropped my debut album on Just Plain Sounds and I'm posting to give you a lil' insight on the project. Summer Fresh is my ode to summer, done the right way. 12 tracks of heat. I produced most of the joints with assists from Just Plain Ant & Charlie Hilton, two of the best underground producers out right now (IMO!).

I started creating this off a hunch. It's nothing really major... No overdrawn concepts. Just me and a mic. I wanted to use most of these beats on a sampler project, sorta like a beat tape. But I just felt like I needed to rhyme and let people hear where I was coming from. Most of the songs remind me of lazy days or off-the-hook nights we experience in this crazy City of Richmond. I had two weeks off from school so I said what the hell and just dropped the joint. Recorded in my house, raw as fuck, all soul. I mean, we used to fuck around and record vocals through the headphones on to tapes and just pass the lil' tapes around like we was sweet. I'm trying to bring that fun back. That spontaneity. That love. We was kids, happy as fuck that we could do something we liked. It didn't hurt anyone. And it was honest. Hate it or love it, Summer Fresh is here. Let the music speak. Enjoy the rest of the summer....I got a b-day coming up!