Review: Ludacris - Theater of the Mind

So. I initially had high hopes for this project, thinking since this could very well be his last Def Jam album. Luda is the kind of emcee that literally KILLS every feature he gets on. But his albums always leave a sour taste in my mouth, with the exception of Word of Mouf. So let's get down to bizness...

This album starts off on a weak note (The first 6 songs all sound like filler for mixtapes!). He turns up the intensity with "Everybody Hates Chris" and Chris Rock goes in on the "light-skinned rapper". The album ends at a monumental high however with the stellar tracks "I Do It For Hip-Hop" and "Do The Right Thing" featuring Common and Spike Lee (produced by 9th Wonder).

Overall, I have to give this album a 6. Which is pretty low in my gradebook. He lost alotta points for cosigning Plies and Rawse!.


justplainant said...

Plies+Rause+Weezy+Weezy doing that gay lil yell @ the end of his verse=WAAACCK

WAAACCK+The last 3 songs=pretty nice

I'd say 7.5

Mommieof2 said...

fuck ludacris(yes its time for a hate session)

to me it seems like everyone album he is either talking about fucking women or how sweet he is in the game.

when he is going to make an album that actually says something?

in my opinion this nigga gets 0 mics. Im tired of this shit, how you got like 10-15 songs on an album and only 4-5 of them are any good. there will be no pity from me.