Take It Back Tuesday

The first joint in this week's edition of "Take It Back Tuesday" comes from one of the illest hip-hop groups of all time. It's A Tribe Called Quest, with the extreme posse cut "Scenario" featuring The Leaders of the New School(Charlie Brown, Dinco, & Busta Rhymes).

The next vid comes from Pharcyde, another classic hip-hop group from the West Coast. This video, "Runnin'" has some dope imagery, not to mention deals with some weighty issues plaguing all men.

Now, this is strictly for the heads! You and me are one in the same if this was your jam. The track is "360(What Goes Around)" by Grand Puba. Single off the album Reel to Reel.

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The Pretty Brown Girl said...

NOW who's showing their age?? LOL! I love these songs...good job, SLEEEAZE!