Video: Kanye West spazzing on autotune

Kanye has lost his damn mind!


Mommieof2 said...

this must be an audience full of white people cause aint no black person gone laugh and smile at this shit.

i respect mr west as an artist, but all of this because someone threw a penny on stage. i mean considering this man has millions of pennies, what difference does it make if a person gives u one more..

be realistic mr west, this is not entertainment, this is ignorance at its finest.

A. Red said...

I have to take up for him just because of where he's from. I'm from Chicago and we don't take ANY kind of disrespect. If they threw some tissue up there he would have acted a with I. LOL Chicagoans are ready to snap out at any given second. It's just how we are.

However, Kanye is in a dangerous state right now. He's grieving his mom and in need of a lot of things money can't buy. He's pouring his heart, hurt, and soul into a music but that's not the answer. This nigga needs counseling before he loses his mind.

Teddybear Sr. said...

he has already lost his mind...that day is passed