Video: Teyana Taylor is officialy Grown and Sexy.

Now, this is a bad lil jawn...Do you see what I see?! Where dat at ma? I don't know what the vid is talking bout though. She is eighteen (18). Ripe!


The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I'm mad @ all ya'll grown azz men lustin' after this chile! I know, I know...I see 'em too. But she is still just a baby!

Teddybear Sr. said...

hey she is legal. Women don't understand. See we remember how it was to be a teenybopper. And if i was a teenybopper i would definitely be at TT. Not saying I want her like that...but you gotta admit shawty is cute tho..

Teddybear Sr. said...

matter of fact I held off posting anything on TT until it was official. LOL. Don't want them people coming after me.