R.I.P. Magoo [Rumor]

"you know you dead, when this is the best picture I can find of you on the interwebs." -Sleaze


Sources report that early Thursday morning rapper Magoo, real name Melvin Barcliff, was found dead in a hotel room in Portsmouth, Va. Hotel owners said that they checked in "Magoo" two days ago and hadn't heard anything from the resident since the check-in. The cause of death has not been determined. Surrounding the rapper was an MP3 player and a notebook. Writing within the tablet, showed the derangement of a musician, disillusioned by the industry that had "chewed him up and spit him out". Police were called because a hotel associate stumbled upon an unconscious man inside the room. The rapper was believed to be visiting Virginia for a recording session, though he had not had a record out in quite some time. More details to follow.

R.I.P. Magoo

Damn, What a waste of good beats. Although it says he died this morning, he died in my eyes 'spitting' the verse on this song.

Sleaze Edit: As the story goes, Magoo is not dead. I think....