Music: Jay Slim - The High Life

The time is now!!! The High Life is upon us!! Jay Slim, my man, you got a beast!!!
The High Life marks the solo debut of Jay Slim. Featuring production by Just Plain Ant, The High Life is a very laid back album that prepares you for summer nights. It also includes guest appearances from Sleaze and Brad Oblivion. Jay Slim's The High Life will provide music that brings together raw lyricism and smooth production for the hip-hop lover in you.

Higher Learning
Oh So Yes (feat. Brad Oblivion)
The High Life
Get Up
That Joint About That One Saturday
Thought You Knew
What A Shame
Ramblings of a Madman
Ain't No Love
Who Needs Forever? (feat. Sleaze)
It's All Over (feat. Sleaze and Brad Oblivion)