OhSoYes Radio (Hosted By Elijah) Ep. 1

OhSoYes Radio (Hosted By Elijah)
This is Episode 1 of OhSoYes! Radio hosted by my main man Elijah of the super group EENJ! Get ready to hear the finest in underground hip-hop music! But don't let me do the talking...E got you.

On our first show we welcome you to the world of OhSoYes Radio and give you the list of the Top Five All-Time Box office grossing actors (some surprises on that list). Also, the title track for the show is revealed! You can stream the show from here, or click on the player and you'll be able to download it to your iPod from threre. Thanks for listening.
Hope you enjoy the show, come back next week.
Leave comments or questions and we'll holla back.

Show Track List:
Beats by Sleaze, Brad Oh!Blivion and Just Plain Ant (Just Plain Sounds)
Runnin'- The Pharcyde
OhSoYes- Jay Slim feat. Brad Oh!Blivion
When did it stop- Sleaze
Candy- Little Brother feat. Bun B
He Say, She Say- Lupe Fiasco
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