OhSoYes! Radio Ep. 7

Well with the lack of games from the four-major sports going on this week, there doesn't seem to be any sports to talk about...FALSE! Host, Elijah, discusses Steve McNair and Lebron James' bitch move of the week. Make sure you check this out.

Fix- Blackstreet feat ODB and Slash
Welcome 2 Stan- Eminem and Guns n' Roses (Mash up by Sleaze)
Guessing Game- Elzhi
Anti-Love - Sleaze
Fill Me In- Craig David
If you don't love me- Liquid Spirits feat Phonte
All beats produced by Just Plain Ant, Sleaze, Junior Wong and Brad O from Just Plain Sounds.

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E also hit us with a viral vid sweeping the net. The Self-Anal Rape Kid.

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Lady Sleaze said...

yo, this cat is obviously missed a session of medication. I wish one of mine would fucking act out like this, i would have been in there quick as a bitch, whipping some major ass!