Music: Luck & Ripps - The Catastrophic Connection

Good friend of mine & fellow JPS Artist Joey Ripps released a monster of an album tonight @ Midnight, through website blocSonic. I've been waiting to hear this joint in its entirety, so I'm very pleased! The Catastrophic Connection is a collaboration between Ripps, 13aDLuck & producer Catastrophe (hence the album title). Please, please ketchup and check this joint out!

What you’re about to listen to is a fantastic collection of raw, NYC style, boom-bap hip-hop. It’s packed with smooth soul-drenched beats, classic B-Boy braggadocio and introspective rhymes. Luck & Ripps’ vocal styles are both quite compatible, so their collaboration on this project feels natural and unforced. Catastrophe’s production throughout serves as the perfect bed for their verses to rest.
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