Video: Guy plays OoT blind

This guy plays my favorite game. Only he is blind. That automatically makes me wack! lol.

My name is Jordan and I have been blind since birth. I have always been a fan of Ocarina of Time, and here I will show videos of me playing through it (and other games such as Castlevania, pokemon and possibly other Zelda’s) to the best of my abilities. To navigate on my Computer I use a program called JAWS. It reads the words to me and allows me to navigate my pc with ease…To type I’ve memorized the keys. Just so you know, I have done all of these bosses MANY times.

Sauce from: ZeldaUniverse

Also, check out The Ocarina of Rhyme, my ode to Zelda and Link. Plus I got Sleaze's Awakening, a Zelda-inspired beat tape.

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