Music: CM aka Creative - Classic Material Volume 3: UI Radio

Netlabel BlocSonic has released yet another great original album. These guys are keeping the jams coming!! And I'm never one to hate good music...

With “Classic Material Vol. 3: UI Radio”, CM aka Creative, his various collaborators and producers all present to you hip-hop that’s both new and classic. Musically it reflects back to an early/mid 90s sound, topically, it captures all that a young, struggling and striving American emcee has on his mind. It’s the 3rd part in a series of releases which began at the netlabel Random Flow.

When it became clear to CM that Random Flow had become inactive, he approached me about releasing Vol. 3 through blocSonic. Having enjoyed both Vols. 1 & 2, I was instantly interested. I hope you’ll enjoy this release as much as I do. If you dig it, be sure to check out the previous volumes.

Thanks to CM for coming to blocSonic. Thanks to you for downloading and enjoying. As always, share this release with anyone and everyone.