Music: Just Plain Ant - Songs About Something I

THIS JUST IN--- The homie JustPlainAnt is releasing a special EP project entitled Songs About Something. The project is unique in that he is releasing it in 4 sections. Extended dope. I'll let the man spell it out, give you the skinny and what-nots..

This is a project I randomly decided to start one day in order to introduce you to my mind. Dig Deep was a project that was similar in some ways, but it was more of a compilation than something that actually reflected my mindstate. I've been getting really bored with hip-hop lately, but naturally, I didn't want to stop making music, so I decide to jump into a different genre: trip-hop/downtempo. It's my first release in said genre, so I hope that I've been successful with my endeavors in something different. Thanks for downloading! I hope you enjoy this project. The rest is soon to come. [SOURCE]

So... this joint is really amazing people. Take a listen...
<a href="">The Day Has Begun by Just Plain Ant</a>