Music: Elijah - So Much For That [2010]

All good things must come to an end, and Elijah is popping his off now.

E is calling it quits with this rap shit(against my wishes), but that is the nature of music. The motivation that once drives you to create music sometimes burns out if not nurtured positively. I still think my dude is better than half these cats in the Richmond scene (yea, you). But enough of that, it's a celebration bitches. Y'all tip the hats for my friend as he gives us his last joints. Featuring production from Ohbliv., Just Plain Ant and myself amongst others(I even got a verse on this piece!). I'll let my dood take it from here...

So I have been out of the music loop here for a while. There once was a time when that was really all that I did. During that time I was working on a solo album titled "Bonus Life" that almost got released, but I pulled it at the last second.

Since then I have only made 4 songs (in the same week) and that was nearly a year and a half ago. So I came up with this idea that would get all of my unused songs released. Make a compilation. By doing this, I will have no more material sitting on my computer thus making me want to start a new album even less:( lol

But this is it all music that was never heard from "Bonus Life" and "Last Throes". All 19 songs. I hope you guys enjoy it and watch out there are songs on here that might catch you off guard.

Thanks to everyone who helped out along the way and to Brad O., Sleaze and Just Plain Ant for working on these songs with me.

I'm outtie 5000.
Elijah aka Eliturite from EENJ

Download here!!!